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It all started when I was 14 years old. Whenever I would return home for the holidays, my mother would insist that I learned how to do hair (braids, cornrows, installs, etc.) so that I could take on clients at her salon. Fast forward a few years later, I never stopped what my mother started. I grew a keen interest for wigs/extensions, and that interest continues to grow every year.

We all have our reasons for wearing a wig/extensions. Whether that be a medical reason, a short term solution, a fashion statement, or a desire to change up your look for no reason. These are all valid reasons to invest in quality hair.

I have made it my duty to create wigs that suit YOU. From the length, to the color, texture, size and more, I want to create wigs that suit your needs. That's why I've forged ahead and I'm in the process of building an empire. Help me help you. My store has a variety of options, and so my hopes is that you give me the chance to make a difference in your life ❤️

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